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SC MLG and GB Halo Team

Team Chief :: brandon2ko
Date Started: 28 Jan 2012
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This team is for those who wish to become part of Game-Battles(GB) and Major League Gaming(MLG) on Halo: Reach and Halo 4(Upon Release)
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Associated with these platforms / games :: Xbox 360 | Halo 4 | Halo: Reach
Upon joining this Team you will be a Free Agent(F/A). a F/A is someone who wants to be apart of a Team. When you qualify to be on a Team you will them be moved to Eligible Player(E/P). Once a E/P you can choose what other E/P you want on your Team. Once we get a good amount or at least to Teams, I will have you scrim. The winner of the Scrims will Become the Game-Battles(GB) Team for SC. If we get another Coach I will allow another Team onto the circuit.
This team has been closed due to inactivity