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Date Started: 30 May 2007
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Hi There i'm TwilightPrince,And this is My Only Team on the Teams & Clan Board.With Over +54000 Posts & With Over +545 Member's. This is a Game Team, Talk about Games and Such,but it also your basic General Chat team.We talk in the Chat Lounge about stuff. We Also have a Graphics & Artwork Area for people who are into Graphics,You can request a Sig or an Avatar,or just show of your work there. And Also there is a Gaming Lounge,talk about your favorite Games Ect.I also brought back my RP I had me a long time ago back since lots o f people like it :) so enjoy it.You'll get to know lots of great members here,so come on in and Join.
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.:TwilightPrince Announcements:. ------------------------------------------------------------ Hey it's been a while last i updated this section was back in October 2010! Wow that was a while back! But im here again trying to stop by more often now well Merry Christmas to everyone an Happy New Years!! .:LAST UPDATED DECEMBER 24TH 2011:. ------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks Zalt for fixing the speed on the Team banner :) It looks much better now :) -------------------------------------------------------------- Please don't join my team just to advertise it's very annoying when people do that please ask me before advertising on your own.I will not tolerate u just joining and advertising your team & spamming my team. -Thank You- .:TwilightPrince:. --------------------------------------------------------------
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