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Come and join me in my new team. Im back! So come back too and rejoin me in Teams and Clans. Bring Pie. Ice cream optional!!
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The idea of this team is the whole cage theme which was somehow thrust upon me by other members..you know who you are. Dont worry, I know some of the thread descriptions seem harsh..its only the team theme. Otherwise this will be a nice friendly team! Come and join The cage with a View...(view not included)

OY new lot...to enter the cage you must make yourself known!

I.e. new members thread O_o
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Sounds likea knock off to me ;)

But thats nice at least. Whats it do best from both sides?

The chat cage

This cage allows chatting of any kind..subject to MY rules which may change at anytime. note...MY rules means Supercheat's rules teehee
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Thats true if every day if you count your years by a new day.

FFXII the rewrite

Just faffing around
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Dinosaurs need hugs too!
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Final Fantasy XII

Phon coast

Passing through the trees they enter the Hunters Camp, the white sands and crystal sea stretching for miles. Vaan, although tired, jumps for joy and runs to the sea fully dressed.

Penelo: Oh Vaan!!! *laughs and shrugs*
With a glisten in her eye she runs and jumps in too and screams as Vaan splashes her.

Fran: I'm going to find us somewhere to rest.
Basch: I'll go with you, if that is okay Princess?
Ashe: *staring off towards the beach* Huh? Oh yes, of course.

Fran and Basch leave leaving Balthier and Ashe alone. Balthier stands behind Ashe as she sits on a rock still staring out to the sea.

Balthier: You know you could join them?
Ashe: I am not one to make a fool of myself thank you.
Balthier: Or not one to enjoy yourself?
Ashe: *looking sad* Now is not the time to *trails off*
Balthier: Oh? Maybe if one was forced into a situation that would require such action? *closens in on Ashe*
Ashe: What are you doing? Don%u2019t you dare!

Balthier quickly picks her up and runs towards the sea, Ashe screams but he continues into the sea and throws her in.
Ashe picks herself up, spitting out sea water and pushing back her hair from her face. Looking half angry and half amused she thrusts herself towards Balthier and he catches her in his arms. They laugh at each other as he holds her close. They close in looking as if they are about to kiss.

Vaan: Hey! Balthier! How great is this?!!! *laughs and dunks Penelo*

Ashe's face turns serious and she losens her grip on Balthier and breaks away.
She looks towards the beach and sees Fran staring out.

Ashe: We should get out, Fran is waiting for us.
Balthier: *sighs* sure, after you.

Vaan and Penelo swims over to Balthier as he starts to wade out to the coast.
Vaan: Hey, that was fun yeah?
Balthier: Interruptions are never fun.

He walks off leaving them both standing confused.
He makes his way out and Ashe turns.

Ashe: Fran and Basch has secured us an area and a few tents.
Fran: Yes, I imagine that it will be myself and Penelo, Vaan and Basch, Ashe and you under are without.
Balthier: Well under the stars is the only way to sleep. Unless of course one of the ladies wants company?
Ashe: And Basch?
Fran: Scouting the area. He said he wouldn't be too long. I am going to the tent to rest. Excuse me.

Ashe sits on the rock, soaking wet. She looks serious.

Balthier: Sad that you wont be sharing with me? The offer still stands.
Ashe: I was just thinking how long we have to travel before reaching Archades.
Balthier: Ah yes, Archades, it has been quite a few years since I was there last being an Archadian man myself.
Ashe: *shocked* What?? You?

Balthier sits on the sand next to her.
Balthier: We are getting close, it's maybe time to tell you the truth. The man you seek, Dr. Cid, is my father.
Ashe: But we are going to confr..
Balthier: And possible end him for good, yes. *sighs quietly* I was a Judge, when Judges were recruited for good not to be Judge, jury and executioner. Times started to change, inevitable really but my father changed too. In time I was ordered to execute orders that did not sit so well. So I changed out of that armour, took the ship and left. Indeed, it's going to be a very interesting family reunion.
Sky Pirating wasn't exactly the career path that was expected of me.

Ashe stares at the ground.

Ashe: I can't believe any of this. I've fa...(trails off whilst watching Balthier playing with her wedding ring on his finger)
Balthier: I'm sorry?
Ashe: Nothing, I think I need to be alone, take this all in. If you will excuse me.

She gets up and walks off.

Balthier: Ashe!
Ashe stops but doesn't turn. He gets up and walks over to her. In his hand is her wedding ring. He hands it out to her. Ashe looks like sadden by it and shakes her head.

Ashe: No, you keep it. When I have avenged his death maybe then I will know what to do with it. *Ashe walks away leaving Balthier holding the ring.*

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