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A team for all Shin Megami Tensei games. This includes the Persona, Devil Summoner, and Nocturne games, as well as the anime Trinity Soul. And any other games/shows/manga you can think of relating to it.
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We're up and running. First Objective: Have people who actually know what this team is about join. Promotions will be given after sufficient knowledge is proven about any of the SMT Series'.

The Velvet Room

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A basic Hogde-podge of information relating to anything SMT. Just ask a question and anyone who knows feel free to answer.
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I posted this in our main chat thread (the Velvet room) but so it's a little easier to find, there was HUGE persona/atlus news that i've been neglecting (and we'll go chronologically).

The first (and biggest) announcement/news so far was index (atlus' parent company) filed bankruptcy, and Atlus was bought by SEGA. This was a few months ago, and it appears Sega is saying they want Atlus to be independent, which is smart because Atlus does RPGs extremely well (in my opinion), which is something Sega admitted they don't do well at all. Initially this was viewed as worrisome, because Sega has a somewhat bad reputation with outside Japan releases though the hopeful is they let Atlus USA continue to run that part of the US localization and that Sega will wise up and help grease the wheels and get more stuff (both Atlus and Sega IPs) into the EU zone sooner (which they're usually the third or fourth to get a game in a world wide release if its not all simultaneous [either before or after Australia if they get it at all]).

The Second announcement is the japanese theatrical release of Persona 3 Movie (first in a series of 3 I believe) giving a movie telling of the events in the persona 3 game. The movie, titled Persona 3 The Movie #1 Spring of Birth hit theatres in japan in the past few weeks and was 7th in its opening weekend (which sounds low but they did only release opening weekend on 26 screens compared to the top earner releasing on 450 ). Hopefully they'll send either a subbed (preferred) and/or dubbed version of the film in the states and other markets in the next year or two for DVD release. Persona 3 The Movie #2 is scheduled for a summer 2014 release in Japan and hopefully gets a better reception since it will have much more of the meat.

The Third announcement/news was Atlus released that they will be making 4, count them, 4!!! new games in the span of the next year (2014). The list stands as (all Japanese first release, and then US release should be within a year of):

Persona 5 in winter/holiday of 2014 for the PS3 (arguably the biggest news of the four and the most anticipated as you don't need a PS4 [thus far] for it and even if so they should be down in price by then. A direct sequel to the Persona series)

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth in June of 2014 for the 3DS (which looks interesting as it combines both P3 and P4 characters in a chibi style dungeon crawler spinoff)

Persona 4: Dancing All Night in the Fall of 2014 for the PS Vita (a dance dance type game which is probably the most from left wing of them but also the one that likely will be least likely to reach US and international markets outside Japan).

Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold/Persona 4 Arena 2 (a fighting game and direct sequel to Persona 4 Arena which had its own plot and is something I look forward to seeing. Hasn't said which console [to my knowledge] it will be released on but I'm hoping PS3 as well since P5 will be).

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This will be the rp. Its a combination of all SMT game/medias. Persona, Nocturne, Devil Summoner. You name it it can be here.
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