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Gemstone Order

Rp Idea Thread

Well, as usual, I the rp has run dry. And, as usual, I'll let the members of this team decide what the new one should be. So, the rules are in the first post. Lets see what we come up with.
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Post ID: 1598019 | REPORT emeraldrafael Posted at: 04-Mar-2009 13:20:15
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Okay. So, here is the rule for this contest. Any team member may post. However, you have three guidelines.

1)You may only post once. you can edit teh post, but you can only post once in this thread. helps keep track and order.
2)You may post any idea. However, if anyone has posted it, you can't post the same idea, or a variation of it. For examply. you can't say an FF 4 rp, if someoen has an FF rp listed.
3)Try to keep it somethign anyone can do. And original ideas are acceptable. there's nothing wrong with them, but I don't tghink we need another KH rp.

so, that's it. anyway, here are my ideas.

Cowboy Bebop
Blue Gender
The World Ends With You

Well, have at it. This will run till either friday or sunday. I have yt to decide.

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Post ID: 1598039 | REPORT zubat101 Posted at: 04-Mar-2009 13:31:37
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okay here are my ideas

Fire emblem rp

anything rp

animal rp

Parallel Universe Rp

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Post ID: 1598467 | REPORT hydro8055 Posted at: 04-Mar-2009 16:19:12
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my ideas
book rp (all people must be a book character)
lost island rp
reality show rp
virtual rp
clebrity rp
spore rp
god rp

also can you decide by tomorrow night because ill be leavin friday for a week

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Post ID: 1598474 | REPORT Aono Tsukune Posted at: 04-Mar-2009 16:20:30
Aono Tsukune
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Final Fantasy rp
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Post ID: 1598842 | REPORT johncoolcliff Posted at: 04-Mar-2009 17:40:27
Team Posts: 16,619
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uhh zelda rp

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Post ID: 1599731 | REPORT BumbleBEE-2008 Posted at: 04-Mar-2009 22:18:31
Team Posts: 17,162
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lord of the rings

super mario

middle ages


an animorphs

a monster
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Post ID: 1601987 | REPORT lucario warior Posted at: 06-Mar-2009 18:45:00
lucario warior
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alright..theres 9 little girls with specail powers. some kids gets sucked into that world and the girls slowly jion up with the right person that their suppossed to be with. each girl is enbodied with a element, dark, earth, light, fire, water, air, ice, psychic, and lightning. each person is legend to have a girl with them to boost their power and help in crisists

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