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Team Chief :: Pravinj
Date Started: 11 Dec 2011
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You a serious dude? like to study hmmm? then WTF are you doing here? GTFO. Shouldn't you be reading a book or something? the nerve of the nerds these days..... But if you wanna be CrAZy ( some how putting random capitals help the crazy factor) then this is where it's at, where what's at? how should I know?...sorry, I was talking to myself, so come and join if you wanna have FuN!!( oh, and if your a nerd, no worries, you can join too, but a little warning, expect the members to be a bit strange.....)
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Nothing to say just yet, will make a notice later about what marshman and I are going to do with the team.
This team has been closed due to inactivity