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Pokemon Top Coordenators

Team Chief :: BeyBlade1234
Date Started: 11 Feb 2012
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Everyone that's likes to be coordenator have to join this team us are patrocinators of Pokemon Champions of Crystal the're is diferent there happens Corrdenator Competitions who wins 5 times will participate of the Great Festival!
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G.F. is Great Festival and who's wins Great Festival becomes Top Coordenator and Chief of the team remember to get pokemon in the Hoenn lab! Chiefs of the team:BeyBlade1234,Vicar and Glai Last update 8th Mar now here the map for this region copy and paste instructions for all the map:http://i40.tinypic.com/2iv1xuh.png and you can create your pokemon just get the pic.stats,where can be found,etc. Team chiefs:Glai,Vicar,Nick(me)
This team has been closed due to inactivity