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Inner Demon

Inner Demon Updates

My Manga, The Storyline, Chapter Releases, and News on it. I'm a Manga artist, what you expect.
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Post ID: 2242519 | REPORT Tenko Posted at: 17-Feb-2010 13:00:05
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"About Inner Demon
Inner Demon is about The main character Tenko during a crisis in his child year he lost amneisia.
Upon 10 Years Later he is 16 and he has skipped 2 grades. On the last day of School he gets in a fight with a Freshman Named Brenton Zatana. Who happens to be an Inner Demon Like him.(Inner Demons are noticible to have a scar or marking over their face) Brenton is unaware that he or Tenko have a demon. (Inner Demons are not tailed beast, but Attitude varies upon the host.)
Upon beating this kid Tenko is forced to use his clans secret techniq ue. I Forgot to tell he other characters. Kayko, Akira, Namela, Ayame, Reykana, and (here's an earlky spoiler not in the manga) Muni Abureto. Upon using the [b}Eternity a water wall that closes in on the enemy to hold them still, Muni's voice make's Tenko stop. Not listening to what she says, he continues the move but is stopped by the mysterious Gold. Seeing this person Tenko reacts to the spot to kill him immediately because he thinks Gold killed his parents. The Abureto clan has migrated as Tenko's parents the king and queen were killed. Upon entering into the last spot of killing Gold another person intervens. Gold is another demon, controller of the dog. he knows of his demons existance like Tenko. The person who shows up is none other than Tenko's brother Mizarin, who he'd been searching for. But Mizarin is not alone,he knows nothing of his parents death as Muni appears and tenko's memory returns of his sister. Mizarin is in a group full of demons called the Syndicate (spoiler) The Leader Urushi Inumata, Kayko's brother who fled long ago, is being controlled by his demon one of the strongest to ever live. Itamatsu the Golden Jaguar. Upon his plan to cause the brothers Tenko and Mizarin to kill each other he brainwashes Mizarin to make tenko believe he is the true killer of thir own family. Upon Tenko trying to Kill the leader he is deflected away instantly, by Urushi's force. Kayko jumps in and she doesn't like what's going on.
"I will give you time to search out our base to stop uss. if we get control of your demons you can... I'll leave that a surprise."
Urushi and the Syndicate of 11 members vanish as Tenko is in a pool of his own blood. Gold was easily beaten leaving him in an unconcious state. the Next day Tekno meet's up with Gold's crew and the next demon Silver. In a week they plan to go on a journey to find the Syndicate's base. Tenko takes Silver, Akira, Brenton, Shitori, and Gold to train for 5 days in the worst forest you can see. During those 5 days he teaches them of what they are capable of. Proving that they won't die against the Syndicate. After those days Tenko Brings Shitori and Brenton to Kayko's and sleeps there, after eating. Tenko is an awesome cook ( just like me). early that morning of the day they leave a giant set of Dinosaurs show up outside of Kayko's yard. Immediately gold and Tenko kill them off. A syndicate member is the cause as someone tackles him down. This is one of Tenko's childhood friends, Brian. Finds outthat Syndicate member is Brians older brother! Vander, his brother, sees that teaming up will get him killed and retreats. Tenko also had one other friend, named Kata. Brian joins them in the journey. Once they get to a resting spot they rest at a hotspring. The next day they are stopped by a mysterious blade. tenko notices this blade immediately, Kata. the blade of Kata is possesed by a dark force and he wants to kill tenko. He is now in for the fight off his life as Tenko reaches in his belt to grab a toy! It is transformed in to a blade. The blades clang as both of the push of each other. The fihgt get's intense as Tenko is forced to lose some extra weight! tenko lifts up his hood jackets sleeves and pants leg and removes some tiny little [email protected] these little objects are 17 tons each. and he has 5 under each arm and leg. Tenko is moving at the speed of light and is beating up Kata. I didn't mention that his jacket is 1 ton thanks to his training with the 6 demons. he makes amistake and trips giving Kata an opening. Tenko is given a slash and is in a death state. he rises up as he tells Fang to take over. Kata is forced to use his final move which could kill them both. Seeing that there are more bodies to worry about Gold and the others pick them up and continue. For 3 days they rest. Reykana shows her dark side during this time. as Tenko heals he gets into it with Brenton again. now he has thrown Brenton over a cliff as namel is worried. He turns more demon as Namela holds him down with her most highest gravity.
" What happened to that twerp, heh, i killed him. There you happy?" tenko grns as namela gets ready to hurt him somethin goes through him as Brenton punches a hol through his stomach. Silver comes down and is anxious to see what heppend. tenko alls as it begins to rain. Out of nowhere the rain causes a flood and sharks fill the water. on top of the shark is A syndicate member. Ashter. Seeing that tenko is the strongest fighter there, ashter holds his body hostage. Ashter was sent totest there power as Kata, the wounded one comes out to fight. Gold and Silver develop a strange power and they see the dark aura around Kata's blade and Kayko and here friends form a circle to purify him. the Good kata is back as Ashter says Tenko dies now. Out ofthe water Tenko rushes up." GET OFF ME YOU SMELLY MOTHA F****** SHARKS!!!!!
Seeing Kata his self they team up on Ashter, forcing him to go into his full demon form. He uses a move called Soul Merge, used to fuse with your demon and you both are into one. Silver Throws Tenko dead into the Shark and he blows it up from the inside, Seein Ashter dying they purify him. finds out Ashter and the whole Syndicate are ppossesed. tenko realizes his true duty now. Seeing Ashter has no memory of the base there are no clues to the base.
Now they continue their path of instinct to find out they are on there way to Reykanas twin brothers, the ones who have mastered there powers of Light and Dark. (entering the Kyo saga) On the way to the next destination they run into Mizarin who has just put a boy unconcious. Instantly Tenko challenges Mizarin and Crystal and the others set up a barrier so he cant escape. Mizarin uses a poison to put u in a melevolet state and gives you night mares. Gold and Tenko envelope this poison and are put into a deep sleep, during the fight Tenko snaps Mizarin out of possession. Vander comes and breaks the barrier thus letting them escape.The unconcious boy wakes up and is confused to where his mother's necklace has been stolen by Mizarin. Maybe the Syndicate needs somethin from that necklace. Kyo is his name and he and Brenton get into it into a sresult of a double KO. Upon meeting the brothers of Light and dark Reykana is given a warm welcome. Reice and Chase are here twin brothers. Seeing the groups members unconcious Reice provides a medicine to take them out of their sleep. In the hospital bed Tenko awkes to see that Gold and Silver are gone! The brothers meet the two and tell them of their strange power. Silver is a Crimzon, a being of Light, somewhat Like an angel. Gold A Cintile, being of darkness somewhat a black angel or devil wingged human. Both of them had a wing sprouting out of there backs as the were in the stage of development. Reice and Chase meet up as they fuse into a being named Guardian. With both Black and white wings. They train Gold and Silver for a month as the othes are unaware of wher they have gone. Once th month has passed Crystal meets Gold as he walks off asking him where is he ging.
"I've got my own business to handle."
he walks off and challenges Tenko brutally as he threatens to destroy the whole area ifTenko refuses. Crystal appears as she changes the destination to a skyscraper field. Now Kayko, Reice, Chace, and Shitori watch as the rematch begins.
Immediately running up tenko pulls out his blade trying to get gold's guard open he gets to that point out of frustration. As soon as his blow is landed Gold's DEVIL wing pops out. secretly Gold hid dark beams that hold Tenko down are unleashed. Tenko angry usess his best move. Lightning Strike Lv.4 a red electricity move that is like the Chidori. All efforts fail as Kayko's blood begins to boil. Guardian cannot break the barrier Gold has set up so no one can interfear. Tenko is unable to use Fang's help as Kaykogets angrier every second. Tenko suffers because the darkness is crushng his arms and legs as Kayko yells out. "Gold stop Right now or I will be forced to kill You!! I swear!!!"
Gold seeing this is a bluff, temps her and causes Tenko's agony to another Level. She rushes up and Punches th barrier with her raw power and shatters it. Kaykos Eyes are in a rage as they are similar to Tenko's demon eyes. A massive burst of force appears as Gold begins to get frightend. Kayko Punches Gold One time and he goes through 18 Skyscrapers. Slowly walking to him Kayko's tremendous force holds him down. Gold begs for forgiveness as he asks Crystal for help. Seeing her turn her back on him causes him to cry as one final blow is deliverd and it's Game over. Now Tenko is hospitalized..again as Kayko touches im. Somehow she ends up in his mind as she hears a roar.She see's Tenko's demon as he replies. "What are you doing here Girl." rushing up Someone says Stop! Teno in his own mind. He wonders why she's here as he noticed she was in his mind. Teno explains to Fang who she is as he instantly knows. Fangs sees everythng Tenko sees. Noticing Kayko was th interfearence with demon control. Fang gives here a feather and she replaces that with her flower. she is to wear it until she can learn to control her demon powers. Now Tenko awakes in life and 3 hurs later they get a call from Silver. Gold has gone rabid. Chases warning was to never use your demon and Cintile powers at once. Gold decides to do it anyway and goes on a rampage. Kayko has learned hw to Dive ito demns minds and cease therir rampage. Gold's uncle was the cause of hs loss of control. Now after th crisis is over Gold apologises to Tenko as some he comes with a disturbing message. The group must split up because it was way to big. 8 people each group. There were 2 groups. They leave from Reices and Chases town as later tha night An Atack is authorized. 3 Syndicate members show up. Jaymenu th Dark Leopard, Maharo the Bear and Kashin the Fox. Wantin to test out her new Powers Kayko and Tenko fight back to back. Kayko handles Jaymenu while Tenko fights th othr two. The fight starts to get out of hand as The3 begin grow parts of there demons. Reykana in her Dark form with both color wings steps in with Gold and Silver. She says that they are ging in for interrogation while Silver threatens Kashin.
" YOu canot beat me no. You are to weak at th moment." Kashin says. Wanting information, Maharo gives them a riddle." What is land in the sky but an enviornment you cannot see."
Ticked off Silver rushes up as Maharo tells them the secret demon moves. Soul Release, Soul Fuse, and Soul Merge. Once Tenkko meets Mizarin he is to ask him that. The 3 escape as Teno feels he got some information. Th next day comes as Tenko catches a wiff. Mizarin is near. at the gate of a new town there are Mizarin and the leader at the top. Mizarin states that he wants to speak to Tenko and Kyo-shima Sawahado.(Kyo's full name) The leader says if anyone makes a move he'd kill them all on the spot.
(Urushi Arc) Now talking to Tenko and Kyo Mizarin tells them thay he has come to his senses. He did not kill them. Tenko finds ths hard to believe as he trie to absorb it. Teno learns of te three moves but not how to unlock them. Their chat is over as The team goes through the gate. Tenko and Kata Meet Imuri as something strange is going on. She says that 5 years ago Tenko would marry her the day he returned. Also she said that those scars had no been on his face back then when they had been there since 7. Now the whle place is suddenly destroyed as the leader come alone. He puts everyone in a near death state. As he prepares to kill Tenko. Kayko doesn't allow ths to happen, as there is nothing she can do. Mizarin pops up and punches th leader in the face as his hood comes off. Both he and Kayko know who this face is, Urushi Inumata. Snapping his senses in The real Urushi is revealed. He stares at Shitori's unconcious body." So that is my little brother huh? I guess it'll never be possible to see the real me."
Kayko asks of the base as Urushi's control was going away. Mizarin leaves as Kayko asks him questions before he departs. Carrying the leader Mizarin meets up with Vander, the other double agent in the SYndicate. Upon Awaking Kayko brings Tenko, KYo, Brian, Kata, and Muni to somewhere Shitori and the others can't hear. Tenko is frightend by the name Urushi as Kata suggests where to train. a place not to far exists. the most crucial Training ground ever. Elemental Battle Grounds.
(training saga) TO BE CONTINUED.....

Abureto, Tenko : Brown spiky Hair similar to Cloud Strife's. Red Natural eyes and a disregard for others that begins to Lighten up. He is the controller of the Black tiger Fang. Once a Dark Demon. He has a scar over his left eye and under that is a 2 lined scar.( Information will change when i keep putting in more details of the story)
Zatana, Brenton: A foolhardy boy who challenges you quickly. He's a short statured boy with an attitude like Naruto. Black hair Green Eyes and a Scar over his nose.
Akurin, Akira: The other demon, or control of the Leopard. senior at school and looks up to younger than he, Tenko.
Inumata, Kayko: Blue eyes long blone hair and a pink flower over her right ear. She has known Tenko her whole childhood but never had the courage to ask him out until the last day of school the day where it all happens. SHe will gain demon powers from Tenko ( in a very disgusting way) she has raw brute strength and will fight by Tenko's side no matter what.
Inumata, Shitori: Kayko's younger brother and Brenton's best friend. Shitori is another one of the demons you will meet. the Jaguar. Face somewhat similar to naruto but nowhere near it 2 scars on each side of his face.
Mars, Brian: Tenko's childhood firend, he can stop time and predict the future he is also thebest fighter of his clan.
Abureto, Muni: tenko's older sister with the freezing ice who is very powerful. Purple hair purple eyes.
Gold: the controller of the Dog Demon Crunch. Dark Powers
Sakara, Silver: the other member of Gold's crew, controller of the Snow wolf
Sawahado, Kyoshima- a th cntroler of te pheonix demon and one of tenkos friends
Yamuna, Kata: the other of tenko's childhood. he is an excellent sword user.
Other characters: Ayame: a girl who uses fire as her weapon. not important yet
Lightshen, Reykana: wind master has a light and dark side
Zatana, Namela: Brenton's older sister
Crystal and Ruby; not important at all. just characters"

Count this as the TO BE CONTINUED....

Upon traveling to the Elemental Grounds by foot the distance is 3 days tops. Once getting there They break into groups to take part in training.
The Elemental battle ground has many different parts to it such as meadows, blizzards, mountains, lava, and so on.
Tenko and Kyo separate into a group of their own while Brenton, Shitori, Muni, and Ayame separate into a group. Brian, reykana, and gold and silver another. Kayko and Okami(Kyo's GF) the others decide to make one large group. Both Akira and Namela have decided to go AWOL on training and they go elsewhere.
Tenko and Kyo train in the mountain area as Tenko trains Kyo as hard as he can. Giving Kyo, the weights to work on his speed and reaction. For 5 months Kyo and Tenko train alone together. Upon that Time Gold and Silver, Brian and the others not couting reykana have trained. reykana is inpregnated and must take time to stop as its not best for her. After the 5 months tenko makes an annnoncement for all Demons to report to the Riverside of the EBG. That makes tenko, Kyo, Brenton, Shitori, gold, Silver and Kayko at this point.
Tenko's idea is to test each person's progress as he sets each of them against each other
Kayko vs. Brenton/ Kyo vs. Shitori/ and Gold vs. tenko
Gold decllines leaving Silver to fight Tenko, Brenton loses and Shitori and Kyo have a draw. Since Silver forfieted Tenko must fight his own fiance as part of the training. Upon a well fought battle tenko quits allowing her to have the win.
Finally, 3 years have passed...
Everyone has aged as tenko's appearance has changed drasticly from hair to size. Everyone has gotten a little taller or had hair get longer. officially all of them are adults not counting Brenton and Shitori. now they make the decision to go back to Reykana's village. On the way tenko's sniffs a scent familiar to Kayko's and shitori's but ignores it.
Upon Seeing them Reice is shock as he can feel each one of their strong forces. Immediately Tenko asks of news on the Syndicate. There is non so far for they have been inactive. For soon reason, Tenko's force goes wild as he sniffs that familiar scent again. Hearing a voice Kayko turns around to see a familiar face, her father. For a long time her faather hated Inner Demons and was always against her being with one. Her Father was a good friend to Tenko's father, Zran Abureto, other known as Zero Abureto. He fights Tenko as a bet if he wins Tenko must leave Kayko. Upon the fight Kayko's father remembers words of Tenko's father as Tenko Repeats them. He Loses this fight to the Tenko. Concerned he asks of Tenko's Demon as Tenko replies Black Tiger. Shocked he apologizes for his actions as Force goes Wild... Tenko turns around to see Urushi laughing evilly from a building.
" Remember me? Father, Tenko, kayko?" he says, as Shitori questions himself.
Kayko rushes up and drops Urushi's guard as his self control goes away easily knocking her aside and goes for his father. Shitori, still confused wonders WTF is going on?
Seeing no point in fighting, Urushi leaves after being cornered. After his father leaves to head home as on the way Urushi sneaks him and eliminates him without the others knowing.
Another 2 months pass as Tenko and the others try to figure out the riddle. Suddenly the news comes about an Island in the sky!
"Where is land on sky but no environment to see?"
The island has no enviornment but the sand of it is possible to be seen. Now Tenko knows what to do. Seeing the syndicate will have a Plan to attack Kurosu Village he leaves most of the crew behind.
"Unfortunately, they want the Demons, to fight. So if its a fight they want, they demons will head in!" Tenko says as he constructs a squad to finish the Syndicate off.
The squad is of Him, Kyo, Shitori, Brenton, Kata, Brian, and Muni.
reykana wishes best luck for 2 years before she gave birth to Brians child, that is of both Crimzon, Cintile and Mars. Tenko gives good word that they will return. now They head out to Take out the Syndicates final members, and Be rid of Urushi.
Akira still no where to be found, they arive at the base and in the first room, Syndicate member, Ryu.
Kata wants to be the first but as soon as he takes out his blade Akira shows up! So now everyone is in shock. Akira's training really paid off because he takes full control over the battle, until Ryu Partly transforms then things get shaky. Now both of them Demon Merge and the fight takes off seriously. Akira's Kusari gama falls and penetrates him, killing him, and Ryu takes Sayumosa, Akira's Demon leopard.
To Be Continued....
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